When There was an actual need of Sufi Comics,They have came up  these comics.It gives me pleasure to write a review of their Third Comics on Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi (Rahim Llah)


Mawlana Rumi needs No Introduction.The World still adore their love for Beloved(Creator)!The Quotes written by them is not only loved by Muslims but Non Muslims as well.

It is so unfortunate that people have started taking this quotes for worldly love and love for their spouse or Girlfriend.So When there was a need of Spiritual comic,thetFrom the moment i read Sufi comics i became fan of Sufi comics.They have explained important lessons of islam in a very simple stories.I was so happy to know that they are publising Sufi Comics on Mawlana Rumi.And then i was sent a copy of the book for Review.

They have used very simple language and stories to convey the Message of Mawlana.Its very easy to understand these stories.And the way they have related the Verse of Quran and Either Quote of Imam Ali (Alaihi Salam) or Prophet Muhammad (Sal Allaho Alaihi Wasallam)!!

All the stories are really good but among these there are 3 stories i loved the most.


 Among these I loved  the most.First one is the Dragon one,then False Thinking and the Third one about the Serpent.Though Each and every story teaches you something and I like them all,but these are my favourite ones.

The First story is about Dragon that is sleeping.That is our Nafs,Don’t wake this Up and let it sleep.

The story of Mercy of Creator is always raining us but we are unable to see it because of blindness and The Third one about the Serpent.How Beautifully they have related with Ayah as well.

As they have tried to present Rumi’s stories in Comic form,Its very easy to understand those quotes by Mawlana.

I Recomond you to buy the copy of this comics.The Best comics you can read and give it to your kids.